Best Kosher Food in Brooklyn

The Best Healthy Food Alternative: Kosher Vegetarian Food

Most people are now drawn towards making healthy choices when it comes to diet. Their reasons might not necessarily be to lose weight, but solely for a healthy lifestyle. Making this switch sometimes proves a tad challenging because people imagine a healthy diet means eating food that tastes and smells like cardboard. This is not so. A healthy food alternative can be achieved without sacrificing on flavor. Making a few necessary adjustments to your eating habit is one way to go and also this process opens your palate to a whole new world of wonderful rich flavors, tastes and smells waiting to be explored such as Kosher Vegetarian Foods.

Why Kosher Vegetarian Foods?

As a healthy food alternative, their benefits are insurmountable. They are freshly made and packed full of flavor. Mark you, not for any religious reasons, Kosher foods are known to be safer and generally healthier for consumption than food bought at a supermarket.

There are very strict rules in place when it comes to the processing and preparation of Kosher foods. All packaged products go through the separate time-consuming processes of inspection and preparation in order to avoid any cross-contamination that can cause food poisoning and allergies.

Each Kosher product is carefully labeled which is a great way to help those with dietary restrictions, vegans, and allergies. You know that you are getting the correct thing and value for your money. If you visit the best kosher restaurants in Brooklyn, you get a meal made from high quality ingredients.

Benefits of Kosher Vegetarian Foods

There are restaurants such as Yummy Kosher Grill that have made this choice of meal available. Kosher meals are made with ingredients that are nutritious and very low in calories, which are great for anyone watching their weight or after a clean way of living. There are many flavorful ingredients found in Kosher Vegetarian Foods such as:

1. Falafel: This vegan patty is made from chickpeas (Garbanzo beans) which are a great source of protein, fiber, manganese and folate. They have 0 calories and lower the risks of heart disease. Hummus, also made from chickpeas makes a great accompaniment as a dip.

2. Tahini: Is made from toasted ground sesame seeds to make a delicious dip. Sesame is a super seed on its own and is abundant in its nutritional contents such as vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, iron, folate, calcium, manganese fiber, and thiamin. It is great in regulating blood pressure, prevents cancer, aids digestion, managing diabetes, protects from radiation, prevents signs of premature aging the list is endless!

3. Salad bar: A Kosher Vegetarian Salad will include tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, beetroot, olives, onions, avocados, toasted sesame seeds, almonds, pomegranate, a choice of quinoa salad and much more. Yogurt is commonly used in Kosher vegetarian food as a dressing. Most meals are accompanied with Pita bread which is a flat, unleavened bread made from wheat flour and has 30 fewer calories than your regular white bread. It functions as a pocket that goes great when filled with falafel and salad toppings of your choice.

Yummy Kosher Grill uses great Kosher Vegetarian Food recipes to make choosing a healthy food alternative an unforgettable experience. Give it a go.

Yummy Kosher Grill
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We are under the strict supervision of Rabbi Meir Goldberg of the Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush

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